About Us

Chosen Vodka is a family-run vodka brand crafted at our Orlando, Florida distillery. Chosen Vodka delivers exceptionally crisp, clean, and delicious premium vodka that represents authentic people being their authentic self.  Our vodka is handcrafted, meticulously fashioned, and expertly blended to create a drinking experience unlike any other.  From out delicious flavored vodkas to our traditional vodka, Chosen Vodka delivers a smooth experience that is incredible in a cocktail or sipped straight-up.

Each batch of Chosen Vodka is 100% crafted from the finest corn, and rigorously monitored to ensure total perfection.  Our vodkas are continuously distilled six times in a stainless-steel column that is lined with copper.   From there, our vodkas are polished and refined with the highest-quality carbon filtration available.  The results are stunning. 

Chosen Vodka is the premier spirit of choice for the most discerning drinkers.  Elegant meets edgy.  Classy meets cool.  Traditional meets extraordinary.  Chosen Vodka delivers the perfect balance of exceptional flavor, smoothness, and character that will keep you coming back for more.